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Cyrillics fonts
Block Antikvar Shadow Roman Archangelsk InavelTetkaCyr DSMotterHo DS Rada QuaziMode AlaskaC DS Crystal Italy B
Classic cyrillics fonts
Univers Condensed Bold Univers Bold Italic Univers Bold Univers Condensed Bold Italic Univers Condensed Medium Italic Times New Roman Italic Times New Roman Bold Courier New Italic Courier New Bold Italic
Exotic cyrillics fonts
MatterhornC NewtonXC Psaltyr NewBaskerville Cyrillic Pengvin Bold Poster Cyr NewBaskerville Cyrillic Bold Italic Renfrew Cyr KarollaC Respect Bold Italic:001.001
Graffiti fonts
Writers 2 Writers 3 Yytrium Graffiti Treat Degrassi
Cyrillic truetype font
TAPEMAN Anklepants RETURN TO CASTLE Mobile Infantry Fiddums Family
Mega fonts archive
BeeskneesItcPEE Beesknees ITC SC 3 theHard way RMXfenotype BeeskneesCTT
Cool fonts
Zone23_psilocybine Zarathustra Zu Kabarett Zebbadee Zhang QA
Gothic cyrillics fonts
GothicE GothicI GothicRus Bold GothicG Century Gothic
Handwritten fonts cyrillics
LegendeC Plain LinoScript ShellyAllegroC Isadora Cyr Ariadna script
Beautiful fonts
Heinrich Text Classica One Calligraph Medium Rockletter Simple Traktir-Modern

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Look at the fonts. To draw an analogy between fonts we can find a lot of clones. Is that clones or not? Every one should remember that we have a standarts which we should follow if we want to create usefull and pretty fonts. Your font will be look like another font with extra details if you use standarts. On the one hand the font with difference from other font can't be called - clone. The term clone is any organism whose genetic information is identical to

There are a lot of different ways to create a good font , but some times we can make the most worse Font which we can imagine. The most easier way to cripple the font it is horisontal transformation. You can't correct the font to the good side using fat and slim procedures with the letters if the started result was terrible. The first thing that you should remember if you created the font and the result is really good you shouldn't try to make it better the result will be awful

Your Logo should be as unique as your company and the last thing you need is for someone to duplicate it. Accordingly, one of the simplest ways to insure that your logo remains the "one and only" is to specialize the font. You can specialize your font in two different ways. The first way to specialize a font is by picking and emphasizing a specific letter from the company's name or slogan. It is usually best to emphases the most important letter of the name or slogan because

Computer fonts are nothing more than electronic data coded on typeface which assigns the shape of symbol, the way they are coded determines whether or not you will be able to use it on a particular project, it also determines if you will be able to expand or enlarge it in order to produce bigger images without distortion. There are three main types of computer font formats used today, those are bitmap, outline and stroke.

Bitmap fonts

We are consistently working towards improving the look of our web pages so that they look attractive and pleasant so that more and more surfers could stay on our pages. The improvements goes on and on and we are in constant search for new techniques to make the web pages more appealing. But lets not forget one important aspect of the web page layouts and that is the use of fonts. It is a common understanding that the use of fancy or artistic fonts improves the look of the site as

Helvetica Regular
font  Helvetica Regular
Fonts Family: Helvetica Views: 1311557
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Century Gothic Regular
font  Century Gothic Regular
Fonts Family: Century Gothic Views: 409821
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Lucida Grande Regular
font  Lucida Grande Regular
Fonts Family: Lucida Grande Views: 354904
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AvantGarde Bk BT Book
font  AvantGarde Bk BT Book
Fonts Family: AvantGarde Bk BT Views: 296291
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Century Gothic
font  Century Gothic
Fonts Family: Century Gothic Views: 252155
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