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We are consistently working towards improving the look of our web pages so that they look attractive and pleasant so that more and more surfers could stay on our pages. The improvements goes on and on and we are in constant search for new techniques to make the web pages more appealing. But lets not forget one important aspect of the web page layouts and that is the use of fonts. It is a common understanding that the use of fancy or artistic fonts improves the look of the site as well as gets more public attention. So far this has proven to be a myth and use of such fonts have only worked in reverse. So what are the best methods to use the fonts in html pages. In this article we will discuss the html fonts and provide you with some essential tips on this

Most people go to the WebPages to access and read the information. This goal must be satisfied by the correct use of fonts. In cases where the information is crucial for the web pages user then the web page should be designed using the most readable font like Verdana or Arial with the correct font size and color.

Fonts are made up of many properties but considering a web page the most important of these are size, type and color. Choosing these properties wisely adds value to your website.

The best font is the one which is easy to read. It is always better to use on your web pages fonts like Arial or Times New Roman as they are very clear and easy to read. Compared to these fonts, the fancy fonts like the calligraphic ones are very difficult to read distracting the user from the page.

It is not at all forbidden to use the fancy fonts. It is necessary to use such fonts if your website demands or deals into such categories. For ex. If you have a website dealing into flowers then definitely you would like to use some artistic fonts on it. But in such cases it is better to use the special fonts on the logo or title and not on the information. In such a way you can make the design good and the information readable.

The second important issue is about the size of the fonts. Not everyone who is visiting the page has got a correct vision. It is therefore recommended not to use very small fonts and ideally the font size between 12-14 points is readable and should be used for the content. A bit bigger font size can be used for the titles. Also make sure that you are not using too big fonts which make your user scroll too much which also distracts tem from the page.

The last but not the list factor is about the font color. Do use gentle colors ad use as much as black fonts as you can. The black fonts are easily readable and do not affect the color blinds as well. The last thing you want to do is put a light colored font on a light colored background, like pink on yellow.

Using such tips you are sure to benefit your users and make them stay on the page for a longer time.

Date: 2010-01-11
Author: admin