New font or clone?

Look at the fonts. To draw an analogy between fonts we can find a lot of clones. Is that clones or not?
Every one should remember that we have a standarts which we should follow if we want to create usefull and pretty fonts. Your font will be look like another font with extra details if you use standarts. On the one hand the font with difference from other font can't be called - clone. The term clone is any organism whose genetic information is identical to that of a "mother organism" from which it was created. Because of it we can't called the font with variations - the clone. On the other hand we can called it modification or version 2.0 and upper it depend on amount of modifications which you make with "mother's font" . This question is very disputed. For example we never tell that the pants are clones or modifies but all of them look like the same. Why can we qualify as clones or modification the fonts which you create? What do you think about it?

Date: 2011-03-02
Author: admin