Bembo font.

The first books printed with a font of Bembo, have appeared in 1495. The font has been developed and cut out (Oranchesko) by Griffo (1450-1518) for the Venetian scientific humanist, the publisher and a printer of Alda Manutsija (1450-1515). In 1500 Manutsy has based "New Academy". Like Platon's academy in Athenes (387 year BC) . The academy, united scientists of different specialities who spent careful editing of all editions of Manutsija. Therefore till now so-called " aldine " in the scientific world have the greatest authority.

In the work of Griffo has transformed and has improved the font form. Its fonts admire with nobleness, harmony and ease of drawing. It is possible to tell that Font Bembo became sample Old Style. In designing of fonts also it can be considered as the forerunner of the European fonts of next two centuries. In 1501 Griffo for the first time in history developments of typographical fonts has developed an italic tracing for editions of Alda Manutsija antique - italic (italics). Fonts of Griffo have rendered a great influence on creativity of printers, designers and carvers of fonts in all Europe. The basic graphic characteristics of a font.

Capital signs on a font of Bembo are constructed on the basis of Roman classical majuscule with slightly softened     proportional spacing  the alphabet at the expense of insignificant increase in width of signs "In, Е, Р, R". The top portable elements of the lower case alphabet more than the bottom portable elements that gives to a text type-setting line ease and elegance. Round signs on capital and lower case alphabets have an inclination of an internal oval that the Renaissance antique is a characteristic sign of fonts of group.


Lacks of Bembo insignificant. It is necessary to carry the graphic decision of the top element of lower case signs to them "a" and "г". The similar decision is characteristic for a flat feather of a cursive. The overestimated horizontal element of a capital sign "A", and not absolutely defensible bend of the top right element capital a sign "K".


Date: 2010-01-08
Author: admin